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Soy Farmers Seek to Protect Phosphate Choices
USAgNet - 02/18/2021

The American Soybean Association has filed joint comments to the U.S. International Trade Commission regarding a petition by the Mosaic Company to enforce countervailing duties on Russian and Moroccan imports of phosphate fertilizer.

"We believe countervailing duties on these imports will have a negative impact on the availability of phosphate fertilizer in the United States and, in turn, adversely affect crop production and farmer livelihoods," said ASA President Kevin Scott, a soybean farmer from South Dakota.

Phosphorus is one of several main macronutrients necessary for plant growth and is vital to crop production. Adequate levels of phosphorus in the soil benefit early season root development and help provide the energy crops need to maximize growth and production. Phosphate fertilizers are widely used by soybean, corn, cotton and other crop producers throughout the United States.

Mosaic's petition in support of countervailing duties is not in the best interest of a healthy U.S. agriculture marketplace, jeopardizing domestic availability of phosphate fertilizer and reducing the competition and choices available to farmers.

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