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Crop Report: Spring Wheat Quality Improves, Other Grains Decline
USAgNet - 06/22/2022

Weather conditions this past week did no favors for spring crops, with the exception of spring wheat.

Corn and soybeans in 18 selected states, for example, declined in quality by 2 percentage points at 70% rated good/excellent and 68% good/excellent, respectively, but were still doing considerably better than last year's crops (65% good/excellent corn and 60% good/excellent soybeans.

According to the latest Crop Progress Report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, sorghum followed a similar pattern in six selected states, going from 47% good/excellent to 46% good/excellent week to week but this crop is only half as good as the one in 2021, which was rated 73% good/excellent.

Spring wheat's rating in six selected states, by contrast, rose 5 percentage points over the previous week to 59% good/excellent.

This compares to 27% good/excellent for spring wheat one year ago.

As for winter wheat, about one-quarter of the crop has been harvested in 18 selected states with its rating remaining right at 30% good/excellent.

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