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Minnesota Ag News Headlines
Progress Report: NRRI Mining and Water Innovation Initiative
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2018
The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) received $2.6M to fund five large pilot projects demonstrating promising technologies to enhance Minnesota's minerals industry. This laboratory will give NRRI and industry partners the ability to fully evaluate both commercial and experimental processes for higher value iron products, like direct reduced iron (DRI). It will be used to define critical varia . . .

Why Are There Regulations on Manure Use for Food Safety?
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2018

U.S. Senate Bill Honors Ed Schafer
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2018

Turn in Poachers Names Duncan Officer of Year
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2018

Weighing In on the Opioid Crisis
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2018

Introducing The Annex by Ardent Mills
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2018

Minnesota Honey Crop Valued at $14.5 Million
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/15/2018

National & World Ag Briefs
House Bill Exempts Farms from Reporting Emissions
USAgNet - 03/16/2018

South Korean Agreement to Protect U.S. Trade During HPAI
USAgNet - 03/16/2018

Sen. Portman Receives Farm Bureau's Golden Plow Award
USAgNet - 03/16/2018

Walmart Files Six Patents for AgTech Projects
USAgNet - 03/16/2018

USDA: Cropland Has Shifted to Larger Farms
USAgNet - 03/16/2018

Regional Ag News Updates
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