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Biosecurity upgrades for Minnesota fair season

Biosecurity upgrades for Minnesota fair season

By Scout Nelson

With the approach of fair season in Minnesota, there is a heightened focus on protecting livestock and poultry from diseases, especially in the wake of recent influenza outbreaks.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health has announced new testing requirements for lactating dairy cows, effective from June 18 to December 31, 2024, to combat these issues.

University of Minnesota Extension has taken proactive steps by hosting an online workshop focused on influenza and biosecurity. This workshop was aimed at exhibitors and decision-makers involved in fairs, providing crucial insights and preventive strategies.

Marie Culhane, DVM, a professor at the UMN College of Veterinary Medicine, led the session. She discussed the global and local impact of H5N1 Influenza A on livestock, emphasizing the importance of this information for all animal owners.

In terms of practical measures, Abby Schuft, an extension poultry educator, outlined essential biosecurity practices. These include having a written biosecurity plan, frequent handwashing, wearing clean clothes, and using separate equipment while at the fairgrounds. These practices are designed to prevent disease transmission among animals and humans alike.

Joe Armstrong, DVM, an extension cattle production educator, addressed concerns specifically related to dairy cattle. He highlighted the risks associated with raw milk and stressed the importance of using individual milking equipment and following strict milking procedures.

He advised finding alternatives to traditional public and celebrity milking demonstrations at fairs to further reduce disease risks.

These updates and educational efforts are part of a broader initiative to ensure that the fair season can proceed safely and enjoyably, while keeping both animals and participants healthy.

Photo Credit -university-of-minnesota

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