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Dave Preisler Honored with Minnesota Pork Board's Distinguished Service Award

Dave Preisler Honored with Minnesota Pork Board's Distinguished Service Award

By Scout Nelson

Dave Preisler's distinguished service to the Minnesota pork industry is commendable, as highlighted by the Minnesota Pork Board's recent acknowledgment with the Distinguished Service Award. Over his nearly 28-year career, Preisler's leadership at the Minnesota Pork Producers Association (MPPA) has significantly impacted the state's pig farming industry.

Preisler's journey into agriculture, influenced by dedicated educators and his FFA advisor, began with an agricultural education degree from North Dakota State University. He then served as a high school agricultural teacher, fostering young minds and building a strong network before moving on to a county extension agent role in Le Sueur County.

As the executive director of MPPA, Preisler showcased a calm demeanor and an ability to unify diverse groups. His talent for listening to farmer concerns and bringing together the right groups for advocacy, particularly during challenging times like the structural changes in the ’90s and early 2000s, played a crucial role in the industry's growth.

Preisler's leadership was evident in policy advocacy, including opposing state moratoriums and addressing issues like feedlot permitting. His commitment to navigating challenges, such as the H1N1 outbreak and COVID-19, showcased his dedication to farmers and the industry.

In addition to his contributions to policy advocacy, Preisler played a vital role in evolving image promotion and advocacy for pig farmers. Adapting to the digital age, he focused on communicating pig farmers’ values, raising awareness about safe pork production, and bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.

Post-retirement, Preisler continues to make an impact as Le Sueur County Commissioner, utilizing his background in agriculture policy, service mindset, and teamwork. His enduring passion for agriculture and rural communities has earned him various awards, including the 2017 Ag Mafia Distinguished Service Award, the 2020 University of Minnesota College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences Outstanding Friend, and the 2021 Minnesota AgriGrowth Distinguished Service Award.

Preisler's legacy, characterized by integrity, determination, and prioritizing the best interests of Minnesota's pig farmers, has left an indelible mark on the Minnesota pork industry. His leadership and service ensure a lasting impact on the success and continued growth of the industry.

Photo Credit: istock-apichsn

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