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Fund your farm's future with Minnesota's sustag grants

Fund your farm's future with Minnesota's sustag grants

By Scout Nelson

Minnesota's agricultural landscape is set for an innovative shift with the Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration (SustAg) Grant Program. Aspiring to enhance farming's profit margins and environmental friendliness, SustAg is planting seeds of change for a greener tomorrow.

Eligibility Criteria and Funding Priorities

In the spirit of growth and sustainability, Minnesota farmers, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions are invited to apply. SustAg places a special emphasis on projects that collaborate with local farmers, enriching the soil of the community with shared knowledge and expertise.

Innovations for a Growing Farm

The grant encourages exploration into a variety of sustainable practices, including but not limited to energy-efficient farming, novel crop rotations, and organic diversification. Whether it's wind energy harnessing or integrated pest management, SustAg nurtures ideas that pave the way for reduced inputs and amplified conservation efforts.

Grant Details

With a generous budget of $350,000 for the fiscal year 2024, SustAg is watering the roots of change in agriculture. Project proponents can request up to $50,000, with a matching requirement for higher-end proposals, ensuring a commitment to sustainability matched by both action and resources.

Application Process

Applications are being accepted until the afternoon of December 7, 2023. Interested parties should prepare their proposals by studying the AGRI SustAg Grant Request for Proposals, available in PDF format.

Outreach and Impact

Priority is given to farmer-led projects with a vision for long-term data collection. In a bid to ensure inclusive growth, the program reaches out to historically underserved communities, fostering a rich diversity of agricultural progress.

The future of farming in Minnesota is bright with the SustAg program. It's an opportunity to grow not just crops, but also ideas, community, and the very future of sustainable agriculture.

Apply online for Minnesota's sustainable agriculture program to ensure your farm's future is green. New users must register for an account. After logging in, choose the "AGRI Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grant" option

By nurturing innovation and community collaboration, SustAg is farming the future - one grant at a time.


Photo Credit: istock-simplycreativephotography

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