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Young entrepreneur Layne Lozinski leads agricultural innovation

Young entrepreneur Layne Lozinski leads agricultural innovation

By Scout Nelson

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has honored Layne Lozinski of Maxx Drainage, LLC with the Minnesota Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. This accolade was part of the celebrations during National Small Business Week, with local recognition events scheduled across the state.

Brian McDonald, the District Director for SBA Minnesota, praised small businesses as key economic drivers and applauded Layne’s leadership, work ethic, and strategic vision. These qualities have propelled Maxx Drainage, LLC to notable success and expansion.

Layne's journey in agriculture began on a livestock farm near Minnesota, Minnesota. Active in both 4H and the Future Farmers of America (FFA), Layne also participated in sports and worked part-time in agricultural jobs. He completed his degree in Ag-Business Finance at Southwest Minnesota State University in 2022.

Recognizing a market need during his early college days, Layne launched Maxx Drainage, LLC in December 2020, focusing on field drainage system installation and repair among other agricultural services. Today, the company serves multiple counties in Southwest Minnesota, providing a wide array of services including sitework excavation, aggregate sales, and snow removal.

The Southwest Small Business Development Center (SBDC) played a crucial role in both the startup and expansion phases of Maxx Drainage, assisting Layne with business strategies, cash flow analysis, and securing a working capital line of credit. Recently, Layne expanded the company's capabilities with a larger tiling machine and secured a Surety Bond through the SBA Bond Guarantee Program.

Layne remains deeply involved in his community, contributing to local 4H and FFA programs, and supporting athletic and charitable causes. His commitment extends beyond financial aid, as he frequently donates his time and equipment to support local development.

National Small Business Week 2024, occurring in the first week of May, features a multiday virtual event including educational panels and award ceremonies. For more details and to register, visit the National Small Business Week website.

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