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Enhance farm skills at UMN field school

Enhance farm skills at UMN field school

By Scout Nelson

The University of Minnesota invites agricultural professionals to its Field School, set for July 30-31, 2024, at the St. Paul campus. This two-day program provides a practical, hands-on learning experience designed to enhance diagnostic skills in crop and pest management.

Participants will engage in real-world scenarios, tackling current challenges in agriculture such as insects, diseases, and crop management strategies. The program features small learning groups for more personalized instruction, facilitated by seasoned instructors across various agronomy disciplines.

The first day of the Field School focuses on establishing core principles in agronomy, entomology, weed, and soil sciences. This foundational knowledge is essential for building effective management skills.

The second day advances these concepts with cutting-edge sessions that participants can choose based on their interests and needs in agronomy.

Certified Crop Advisor CEUs are available to attendees, adding further value to the educational experience.

With early bird registration ending on May 31, interested individuals are encouraged to sign up soon to take advantage of discounted rates.

This opportunity is perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding and enhance their capabilities in managing crops and addressing pest-related issues effectively.

Learn more and secure your spot in this engaging and educational program by visiting the University of Minnesota's registration page.

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