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Join the tradition - Minnesota state fair competitions

Join the tradition - Minnesota state fair competitions

By Scout Nelson

The Minnesota State Fair, renowned as one of the largest and best-attended expositions globally, is gearing up for its 2024 edition. This year, the fair invites participants from across the state to take part in its diverse array of competitions, celebrating the best of Minnesota's agriculture, art, and talent.

Competition entries are now open for most categories, with exceptions for specific livestock and horse events, which will open on June 24. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a first-time entrant, there's a competition for everyone to showcase their skills and talents.

Participants can vie for ribbons, trophies, and over $1.5 million in total prize money, along with the coveted "Minnesota Blue Ribbon" and, of course, the satisfaction of earning bragging rights. With categories spanning creative activities, fine arts, talent showcases, school projects, agriculture products, and more, there's ample opportunity for individuals of all ages and interests to participate.

To enter the competitions, interested individuals can visit the official Minnesota State Fair website at Here, they can find detailed information on each competition, including entry requirements, deadlines, and submission guidelines.

Deadlines for entering competitions vary depending on the category. For example, interactive exhibits and demonstrations for FFA must be submitted by June 13, while landscape design and construction entries have a deadline of July 15. Fine arts submissions, along with applications for the Minnesota State Fair Scholarship, must be completed by July 15 as well.

For those interested in showcasing their talents, the deadline for the Amateur Talent Contest is set for July 24. Entries for livestock competitions, including beef, dairy cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry, must be submitted by July 29 for mail entries and July 31 for online entries.

Other notable deadlines include creative activities submissions on July 30, K-12 competition entries on July 30, and vegetable and potato submissions by July 31. Entries for various agricultural categories such as farm crops, fruit, wine, bee and honey, and crop art must be submitted by early August.

For Minnesota 4-H members, detailed information about competitions and deadlines can be found on the official 4-H website.

The Minnesota State Fair is scheduled to run from August 22 through Labor Day, September 2, offering 12 days of festivities, entertainment, and competitions. It's a prime opportunity for Minnesotans to come together and celebrate the state's rich agricultural heritage while showcasing their talents and products to a wide audience.

Photo Credit: minnesota-state-fair

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