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Minnesota boosts ag literacy with grants for educators

Minnesota boosts ag literacy with grants for educators

By Scout Nelson

Minnesota has taken a significant step towards enriching agricultural literacy among K-12 students, with thirteen educators across the state receiving Agricultural Literacy Grants. These grants, offered by Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC), aim to integrate practical agricultural experiences into school curriculums.

Each educator has been awarded up to $500 to implement projects that cover a range of topics, from the journey of food from farm to fork to exploring careers in agriculture and the science of aquaponics. This initiative, a collaboration between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the MAITC Foundation, is a testament to the growing emphasis on agricultural education in schools.

The funded projects are diverse and innovative, focusing on hands-on agricultural learning, library enrichment, and direct agricultural experience. Marie Kruse's "Learn Through Play, From Seed to Fork" project at Bluff View Elementary School in Lake City, Tiffany Kortbein's "Greenvale Park Elementary School in Northfield" library project, and Quincy Voris' "Hidden Valley Ag Science Project and Field Trip" at Hidden Valley Elementary School in Savage.

Laura Bidne from Jackson County Central Elementary School in Jackson will engage students with "Farm to Table Elementary Lessons." Amy Mastin of Kelliher School in Kelliher is set to bring excitement with "Hatching Up Some Fun." Sarah Odegard from Loyola Catholic School in Mankato plans a "Ruby Ranch Field Trip" to connect students with real-world farming.

Kimberly Penning of Owatonna High School in Owatonna is introducing students to "Water Quality and Aquaponics," a project blending environmental science with agriculture. Cari-Ana Garcia Luna from SAGE Academy in Brooklyn Park aims to bridge the gap from "Farm to Plate to Career." Becky Schreiner of Sauk Centre Elementary School in Sauk Centre is organizing an "Adopt a Cow Field Trip," offering a unique learning experience.

Rich Guggisberg of Spring Creek Elementary School in Northfield will acquire "Farm Day Materials" to bring the farm experience to the classroom. Livia Zitzow from South Point Elementary School in East Grand Forks is planning to engage students in "Growing Greens."

Carrie Allord at St. Francis School in Brainerd will integrate "Embedded Agriculture" into learning, and Mika Miller from Winona County 4-H in Winona will explore "Food Systems in Agriculture with 4-H After-School."

Minnesota's educators are dedicated to promoting agricultural awareness and experiences among students, fostering an early appreciation of the industry. This initiative is crucial for building a knowledgeable future generation, recognizing the importance of agriculture in daily life and the environment.


Photo Credit: gettyimages-vwalakte

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