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Canisteo Mine Pit - water levels drop

Canisteo Mine Pit - water levels drop

By Scout Nelson

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has successfully concluded its seasonal pumping project at Canisteo Mine Pit, reducing water levels by eight feet over two years.

This effort, spanning two winters, aimed to prevent overtopping and maintain water levels below 1,318 feet, crucial for protecting residential structures in the City of Bovey.

It sought to curb the spread of aquatic invasive species, particularly zebra mussels, by pumping during cold water conditions.

With the water levels now nearly six feet lower than the previous year, the DNR has turned off the pumps as water temperatures in the pit reached 48 degrees Fahrenheit for four consecutive days.

This proactive measure aims to halt zebra mussel reproduction, as temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit facilitate their breeding cycle. By preventing the spread of veligers, immature zebra mussels, downstream, the DNR safeguards nearby wetlands and Holman Lake.

This seasonal pumping project serves as the forerunner to a permanent solution for water outflow at Canisteo Mine Pit. Approved by the 2023 Minnesota Legislature, an $8.875 million bonding fund has been allocated for constructing a natural gravity outflow system with built-in sand filtration.

This system aims to prevent the transfer of zebra mussels downstream. Once completed, it will flow into the Prairie River, providing year-round water level management and eliminating the need for seasonal pumping.

The construction contract for the outlet structure is set to be put out for bid, with work potentially commencing as early as the upcoming summer.

This development signifies a significant step forward in sustainable water management practices, ensuring the continued protection of local infrastructure and ecosystems while addressing the threat of invasive species.

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