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Crop coverage tips for delayed planting

Crop coverage tips for delayed planting

By Scout Nelson

This year, Minnesota farmers are dealing with planting delays caused by rain, raising concerns about decreased yields. To assist farmers in reducing these risks, multiple peril crop insurance (MPCI) policies offer Prevent and Late Planting coverage options.

The final planting date for corn in Minnesota is May 31, and May 25 for northern areas. For soybeans, the deadline extends to June 10. Missing these dates triggers several potential actions under the MPCI policies.

Farmers who decide against planting past these dates can leave fields idle. This option provides a coverage rate of 55% for corn and 60% for soybeans. It is crucial for farmers to notify their crop insurance agent within 72 hours after the final planting date to qualify for this coverage.

If farmers opt to proceed with planting after the final date, they enter the late planting period, which allows for planting up to 25 days after the initial deadline.

During this period, coverage for corn decreases by 1% daily from June 1 through June 25, stabilizing at 55% thereafter. For soybeans, this period runs from June 11 to July 5.

Farmers may also consider planting an alternative crop. This requires discussing options with their insurance agent to fully understand the implications and rules involved.

Analyzing the economic returns of each option is essential. Given the full input costs associated with lower expected yields, sometimes choosing not to plant may be more economically viable.

Farmers should consider how these decisions could affect their Actual Production History (APH) calculations, influencing future coverage and premiums. This strategic decision-making is crucial as they navigate the challenges of a delayed planting season.

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