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Minnesota aids Iowa tornado recovery

Minnesota aids Iowa tornado recovery

By Scout Nelson

Governor Tim Walz announced today that Minnesota is sending a team of first responders to aid Iowa. The Minnesota All Hazards Incident Management Team (MN-AHIMT), consisting of eight members, is set to help Greenfield, Iowa, recover from the recent tornado destruction. This follows Iowa's request for assistance through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).

Minnesota is familiar with the devastation tornadoes can bring. "We understand the pain of losing homes and businesses and the importance of community in rebuilding efforts," stated Governor Walz. He expressed his sympathy and support for the residents of Greenfield as they navigate their recovery journey.

The team from MN-AHIMT includes experts from various public safety sectors. They are equipped to manage volunteer coordination, debris clearance, and help streamline the disaster declaration process. Their experience was previously demonstrated in 2022 when they provided crucial support in Florida following Hurricane Ian.

EMAC's framework facilitates these cross-state aid missions, allowing states to share resources during natural disasters. This ensures that communities like Greenfield can receive timely and effective support when facing severe challenges.

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