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Minnesota crop report - progress & conditions

Minnesota crop report - progress & conditions

By Scout Nelson

According to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Minnesota experienced a mix of rain, warm temperatures, wind, and dry weather, providing farmers with 3.0 days suitable for fieldwork in the week ending May 12, 2024. Activities such as tillage, planting, and spraying were carried out during this time.

During this period, farmers engaged in essential tasks such as tillage, planting, and spraying. Despite the intermittent rain, warm temperatures, and dry spells, agricultural operations proceeded, albeit with some challenges posed by weather variability.

Livestock conditions were reported to be favorable, with animals faring well, and pastures presenting healthy growth. This bodes well for the overall health and productivity of the state's livestock sector.

Assessments of topsoil moisture levels revealed a largely adequate situation, with 70 % rated as adequate and 20 % as surplus. There were pockets of deficiency, with 2 % reported as very short and 8 % as short.

Subsoil moisture conditions followed a similar pattern, with 68 % rated as adequate and 14 % as surplus. Nonetheless, 3 % were deemed very short and 15 % short, indicating some areas of concern.

Crop planting progress varied across different commodities. Corn planting, a critical crop in Minnesota, was reported at 56 %, aligning with both the progress seen last year and the five-year average.

Soybean planting lagged slightly behind, reaching only 26 %, which was 4 days behind the five-year average. Emergence rates for these crops were also tracked, with 14 % of corn and 4 % of soybeans emerged.

Progress in other crops was also monitored. Barley planting reached 63 %, with 23 % of the crop emerged. Oats planting stood at 76 %, with 43 % emerged and 5 % jointing. Spring wheat planting was 71 % complete, with 40 % emerged and 1 % jointing.

Other crops saw planting progress as well. Dry edible beans were planted at 12 %, while potatoes reached 56 % planted. Sugarbeets were reported to be at 91 % planted.

Overall crop and pasture conditions indicated positive prospects for the upcoming growing season. All hay condition was rated at 63 % good to excellent, while pasture condition was rated slightly higher at 62 % good to excellent.

Photo Credit -usda

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