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Tackling weed and insect challenges in extended planting seasons

Tackling weed and insect challenges in extended planting seasons

By Scout Nelson

Dr. Debalin Sarangi and Bruce Potter discuss weed and insect management challenges amid prolonged planting seasons during the Strategic Farming: Field Notes session. They, along with moderator Dr. Anthony Hanson, address critical issues facing growers this year.

Weed management: Preemergence herbicides are essential for effective weed control. Despite delayed planting, proper activation of preemergence herbicides remains crucial. Residual activity typically lasts three to four weeks, necessitating early postemergence product application.

Special attention is given to managing giant ragweed and Palmer amaranth, significant weed concerns. Tillage before planting aids in controlling giant ragweed, while continuous efforts are needed to eradicate Palmer amaranth.

Concerns regarding herbicide carryover persist due to previous drought conditions, highlighting the importance of vigilant monitoring.

Insect management: Bruce Potter leads monitoring efforts for black cutworm and true armyworm, migratory pests posing threats to crops. Early detections of black cutworm moths indicate potential damage to corn plants, emphasizing the need for proactive management.

True armyworm monitoring is essential, particularly in areas with grassy covers, as larvae pose risks to various crops. Alfalfa weevil infestations are also monitored closely, with early cutting or insecticide application recommended.

This comprehensive approach to weed and insect management is essential for maintaining agricultural productivity and sustainability amidst extended planting seasons.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-nicexray

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