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USDA invests in Montana clean energy solutions

USDA invests in Montana clean energy solutions

By Jamie Martin

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has allocated funds to support six clean energy projects in Montana, focusing on enhancing sustainability and reducing energy costs in rural areas.

Through the Rural Energy America Program (REAP), USDA is empowering rural businesses and agricultural producers to transition to renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency. These investments, funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, aim to address climate change, promote environmental sustainability, and drive economic growth in rural communities.

Grants awarded to Heberle Ford, Soundcolor Studios Inc., West Paw Properties LLC, Highmark Properties LLC, Terri Kollman, and Bart R. Bilden will enable them to implement energy efficiency upgrades and install solar photovoltaic systems. These projects are expected to significantly reduce energy costs, increase income, and support sustainable practices in Montana's rural areas.

USDA's investment in clean energy solutions reflects its commitment to fostering sustainable development and resilience in rural America. By supporting renewable energy adoption, USDA aims to create a greener, more prosperous future for rural communities while addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Photo Credit: istock- simplycreativephotography

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