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'Ecolab Water for Climate' to Help Deliver on Water, Climate, Business Goals
Minnesota Ag Connection - 11/22/2022

To help companies respond to the intensifying energy crisis and impacts of climate change and water scarcity around the world, Ecolab today announced its Ecolab Water for Climate program. This new offering helps companies meet their ambitious climate goals without compromising business growth.

By better managing water in their operations, businesses can reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, Ecolab has found that more efficient water management in production processes can reduce water consumption by up to 44%, energy use by up to 22% and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 12%.1

Ecolab Water for Climate comes as the pressure on C-suite leaders to act on climate change has never been greater. A new Water, Sustainability and Climate Change survey, commissioned by Ecolab and consulting thousands of consumers across eight different countries, found:

- Consumers demand companies act: Companies are most responsible for causing climate change (40% of respondents agree), and companies aren't doing enough to tackle the problem (45% of respondents agree).

- CEOs must make real progress: Only 44% of consumers globally think CEOs care about the impact their companies have on climate change.

- Climate change is intensifying: 80% of respondents have been impacted by climate change, and approximately 35% of respondents have experienced water shortages within the last month.

"Companies have an opportunity to step up and advance sustainable growth," said Christophe Beck, chairman and CEO of Ecolab. "Those leading the way already know that you can prioritize sustainability while improving the bottom line. Ecolab Water for Climate puts corporate water use at the center of that strategy, enabling companies to pursue all their goals at once."

At its core, Ecolab Water for Climate addresses the impact of water on energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Water must be moved, heated, cooled and treated to be fit for commercial use, all of which requires energy. Ecolab Water for Climate addresses these challenges by providing holistic solutions including auditing, consulting, engineering, advanced chemistries and digital technologies that support reduce, re-use and recycle water strategies across an enterprise. This allows companies to continuously monitor and improve water use and quantify the impact on energy, emissions and the bottom line.

As an established leader in sustainability and water management, Ecolab is helping transform the way the world thinks about water. In 2020, Ecolab was a founding member of the Water Resilience Coalition -- an industry-driven, CEO-led coalition of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate. Since 2017, Ecolab has been a member of the World Environment Center, which is an independent, global non-profit, non-advocacy organization that advances sustainable development through the business practices and operations of its member companies and in partnership with governments, multi-lateral organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities and other stakeholders.

"Currently, the water-climate crisis is getting worse--not better--so the time for collective action is now if we are to impact change," said Glenn Pricket, President and CEO, World Environment Center. "The private sector needs innovate solutions, like Ecolab Water for Climate, to be able to help solve the world's most pressing sustainable development-related problems."

Ecolab Water for Climate can help businesses pursue climate, water and business growth goals through the power of water. In early 2023, the Ecolab Water for Climate offering will be widely available for global customers starting in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Data Centers, Light Manufacturing and Heavy Industry segments. To learn more, visit .

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