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Explore ag science with UMN extension's ANR internship program
Minnesota Ag Connection - 11/16/2023

The University of Minnesota Extension presents an exhilarating opportunity for college students interested in agriculture and natural resource sciences. Their Agriculture and Natural Resource Systems (ANR) Internship Program is designed to offer real-world experience in these crucial fields.

As an intern, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to the University of Minnesota Extension. This significant outreach arm of the university collaborates with over 35,000 volunteers and facilitates more than 1,700 partnerships across the state, providing a vast network for learning and engagement.

Your journey will include connecting with various communities to understand their needs and how the ANR team can offer educational support. This is a chance to build meaningful relationships and expand your network in the agricultural and natural resource sectors.

The program encourages the development of a unique educational project, allowing you to tailor your experience according to your interests. You'll have the chance to collaborate closely with farmers, non-profit organizations, agency staff, Extension educators, and specialists, gaining insights from diverse perspectives.

The internship involves working with local media to spread awareness and providing support in social media and communications. This is not just an internship; it's an opportunity to make a significant impact while growing personally and professionally.

If you're passionate about agriculture and natural resources, this internship is the perfect platform to explore, learn, and contribute to these essential fields. Learn more about the program and seize the opportunity to apply!

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