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Minnesota Farmers Union Advocates in Washington D.C.
Minnesota Ag Connection - 09/15/2023

A significant gathering happened this week in Washington D.C. Over 30 members of the Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU), representing multiple districts, met with other farmers nationwide. The mission is to discuss the imminent 2023 Farm Bill.

Rob Larew, the head of the National Farmers Union, emphasized the need for the right kind of farm bill. He mentioned that when these farmers voice their concerns, the policymakers tend to listen more closely.

It wasn't just about discussions. The Farmers Union members were active, attending many congressional meetings. They got insights from top agriculture officials, like Tom Vilsack, and many other leaders.

The Minnesota delegates held productive talks with their state representatives, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Angie Craig. They aimed to shed light on vital policies, ensuring fair markets and tools for farming in changing climatic conditions.

The 2023 Farm Bill is a focal topic since it's renewed every half-decade. Current indications from Congress suggest a possible extension of the bill.

Anne Schwagerl, MFU's Vice President, praised the members for prioritizing this advocacy despite their busy farm schedules, describing it as "democracy in action."

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