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'State of Rural 2019' Research Released by Policy Center
Minnesota Ag Connection - 02/07/2019

The Center for Rural Policy and Development has published its annual report, "The State of Rural 2019."

Each year the Center provides an update on current economic and demographic data in rural Minnesota along with historical data points, demonstrating changes in the state and potential trends.

"Each year our research gives elected officials and policy makers a snapshot of where our state has been and where trends are heading for coming years on population growth and movement, economic vitality and agriculture," said Center President an CEO Julie Tesch."This information is critical for anyone making strategic planning decisions in public policy, economic development or as a business owner in Greater Minnesota."

Data and information in "The State of Rural 2019" is provided by the Center for Rural Policy and Development's "Atlas of Minnesota Online," an online, interactive collection of maps, charts and graphs regularily updated by the Center's research staff. The interactive maps and charts show a variety of data on demographics, the economy at the state, county, planning region and economic development region levels. Information can be found on the Center's website: Atlas of Minnesota.

"Many of the trends we've been monitoring over the years are continuing--decreasing population in sparsly populated areas, concentration in regional centers, and the decline in the value of agricultural land since 2014," said Marnie Werner, Vice President of Research and Operations for the Center. "The trend we did find that may be surprising to some is a continuing in-migration of 30- to 49-year-olds across Greater Minnesota. Many rural development organizations are recognizing this trend and are developing initiatives to recruit and retain this highly sought-after age group."

"My research for the 'State of Rural 2019' and our Atlas of Minnesota has been very rewarding simply because it is the information fundamentally necessary for understanding economic and demographic changes across our state," said lead research analyst for the Center, Kelly Asche. "I strongly encourage anyone in public policy or economic development to read our report and spend time anayzlying their area of the state on the Atlas of Minnesota."

A presentation of the data and research is available from Julie Tesch or Kelly Asche to interested media outlets, communities, elected officials, government agencies, trade groups or associations across the state of Minnesota. Please contact crpd@ruralmn.orgfor additional information or to schedule a presentation. The full report can be found on the Center for Rural Policy & Development's website: The State of Rural 2019.

The Center is a non-partisan, not-for-profit policy research organization dedicated to benefiting Minnesota by providing its policy makers with unbiased information and evaluation of issues from a rural perspective. Visit us at

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