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Minnesota Farmer Chad Willis Appointed to MAIZALL's Board of Directors
Minnesota Ag Connection - 05/26/2023

Chad Willis, a prominent Minnesota farmer and former chairman of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC), has been chosen as the Council's representative on the board of directors of MAIZALL.

Leaders from the USGC, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), ABRAMILHO (Brazilian Association of Corn Producers), and MAIZAR (Argentine Corn and Sorghum Federation) collaborated to form MAIZALL in 2013. This international alliance attempts to solve common issues with crop protection, plant breeding innovation, and agricultural biotechnology, especially non-tariff barriers in international markets.

Through position papers, discussions with stakeholders from the private sector, government officials, and international organizations like the European Union and the World Trade Organization, MAIZALL directors actively advocate for modern farming practices. They also share their firsthand farming experiences by speaking at international conferences.

With nearly three decades of experience in corn and soybean farming, Chad Willis brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his role. He is a member of the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council and has actively contributed to the USGC, previously serving on its Value-Added Advisory Team (A-Team). Willis was instrumental in advocating for the establishment of the Council's Ethanol A-Team and was elected chairman in 2021.

Willis's appointment as the Council's representative on MAIZALL's board of directors highlights Minnesota's significance in the international agricultural landscape. His expertise and dedication will contribute to fostering cooperation and finding solutions to shared agricultural challenges on a global scale.

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