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Crops Off to Good Start in Western Minnesota
Minnesota Ag Connection - 05/31/2023

Hello from Nassau, Minnesota. Many farmers in the area finished planting both corn and soybeans by May 20. I believe all will be complete by Memorial Day weekend this year. Even the low ground and potholes are getting planted.

The early planted corn stands look excellent. Soil conditions were great and we received rain. After the 0.8 of an inch May 13, planting resumed on the 16 and we’ve been going nonstop since, as no rains have fallen.

We are planting into good moisture despite the low humidity, high winds and temps in the 80s. We will welcome rain as the Lord sees fit. Some of our fields have relatively high ph soils. Our management in these areas has been continuous corn verses crop rotation. Drainage tile has improved the soil tremendously, proven by the increase in corn yields, and we mbelieve it has reduced the salt content in the soil as well.

Following several years of planting corn, soybeans have been planted on these acres to test whether or not they will thrive. We are keeping up with pre-emerge soybean spray, and we do all post-emerge on corn.

Source: agupdate.com

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