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Spring Wheat Region Remains Mostly Dry
Minnesota Ag Connection - 08/07/2017

While some precipitation fell over parts of the spring wheat region, conditions remain dry. According to the latest drought monitor, some of the western areas of the region are now classified as drought category D4, which is exceptional drought conditions. Harvest has begun with approximately nine percent of the U.S. spring wheat crop harvested. South Dakota harvest is nearly half complete with other states reporting three to five percent of the crop harvested. As expected, yields are well below average in drought stricken areas with higher protein. Early harvest reports in eastern regions indicate average to near average yields. A good portion of the spring wheat has been baled in western areas.

Condition ratings declined again from last week. The U.S. spring wheat crop is categorized as 31 percent good to excellent, 26 percent fair, and 43 percent in poor to very poor condition. Conditions are most dire in the western growing region and improve going east.

The durum region also continues to battle dry conditions and below average crop prospects. In North Dakota, condition ratings remained relatively stable with last week, but are well below average. Only 14 percent is rated as good to excellent, with 46 percent in fair condition, and 40 percent rated as poor to very poor. Percent of the crop turning color is at 63 percent, ahead of average. In Montana, crop conditions declined from last week. Three percent is rated good to excellent, 42 percent is rated fair, and 55 percent is rated poor to very poor. About 45 percent of the durum is turning color and three percent has been harvested for grain.

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