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Carlton County 4-H Youth Shine at Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota Ag Connection - 09/28/2023

An enthusiastic group of seventeen 4-H youth from Carlton County made their presence felt at the Minnesota State Fair's Livestock Weekend. This event is a special stage where the best exhibits from each county fair are showcased, offering a competitive and educational atmosphere for the youngsters.

The young participants from Carlton County brought a diverse array of livestock to the fair, earning various accolades. Here are some of the Carlton County results:

Justine Anderson: Achieved Blue and took sixth place in her class with a registered red Angus junior yearling; also received green in senior showmanship.

Avery Koivisto: Awarded Blue, securing first in class for her registered red Angus junior yearling.

Tyler Laveau: Earned Blue and was fifth in his class with a registered Holstein junior 2-year-old.

Weston Davidson: Received Red for his class, showcasing a Holstein fall calf.

Jessica Klejeski: Grabbed Blue, fourth in class, proudly presenting a Jersey junior yearling.

Emalee Nelson: Honored as Reserve Grand Champion in class, featuring an alpine senior doe; achieved purple in advanced showmanship.

Laura Rubesh: Secured Blue, ranking fourth in class with a junior yearling meat breeding doe; awarded purple in advanced showmanship.

Joni Giersdorf-Thompson: Acquired Blue in her class, presenting a junior yearling meat breeding doe; green in senior showmanship.

Ryden Olesiak: Achieved Red, showcasing market chickens.

Kora Webster: Earned Blue in class with a breeding pen of chickens; named Reserve Grand Champion in advanced showmanship.

Braham Jordan: Awarded Blue for his market turkey pen.

Abigail Vargo, Mekaila Colt, Maci Soderbloom, Nia Petry: All received Blue, each presenting a rabbit.

Emily Hacker: Awarded Purple, third in class, with a Duroc breeding gilt.

Jackson Hacker: Secured Purple, taking third in class with a crossbred breeding gilt.

These achievements by the 4-H youth of Carlton County are a testament to their commitment and effort, and they signify the potential for more successes in the future. The community is eager to witness an increase in participation and accomplishments at such esteemed events, nurturing a passion for agriculture and learning.

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