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Other States Finish While N.D. Still Harvesting Spring Wheat
Minnesota Ag Connection - 09/28/2022

The North Dakota spring wheat harvest was pegged at 93% complete as of Sunday, only up marginally from 91% the previous week as sporadic rains, cooler temps and cloudy days slowed progress. Progress is anticipated to be stronger this week, as a more favorable forecast of warmer temperatures and clearer, sunny days prevails. Nationally, 96% of the spring wheat crop has been harvested, with Montana and South Dakota completed, and Minnesota at 98 percent.

Quality of the crop remains exceptional on an overall average with good protein and test weights, minimal damage, low grain moisture and high falling number values. Average crop protein is at 14.4%, slightly below the 5-year average of 14.6%, and more notably below the 2021 crop of 15.4 percent. Recent rains may have impacted the color of the crop in areas, but no other significant impacts are expected.

The North Dakota durum crop is 84% harvested, behind the 5-year pace of 93%, but up from 77% the previous week. The harvest pace will accelerate this week, compared to last week, but harvest will continue into the first half of October, as 8% of the crop has not yet reached maturity, according to NASS. The Montana durum harvest is essentially completed.

Quality reports on the U.S. northern durum harvest have been more variable, than for HRS, with exceptional protein and kernel quality in many areas, contrasted with areas of lower protein and also lower vitreous kernel counts. Based on samples analyzed to-date in the lab, roughly 60% of expected samples, the crop is averaging 14.3% protein, 61 pounds per bushel test weight, and 93% vitreous kernels, with minimal kernel damage and high falling number values. The crop average protein and vitreous kernel counts are expected to decline as more samples from the later harvest in northwest North Dakota are included in the average.

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