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Minnesota Farm to Head Start Videos Available
Minnesota Ag Connection - 05/17/2019

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), based in Minneapolis, recently shared a new set of videos featuring dynamic Farm to Early Care activities happening in Head Start programs across Minnesota. Not only do these initiatives introduce young children to healthy local foods, they also inform children's ideas about where food comes from and helps build connections with their communities.

Incorporating culturally relevant foods and classroom activities into Farm to Early Care initiatives can be especially powerful. Through a partnership with Sprout Food Hub, Leech Lake Early Childhood used Farm to Early Care activities to build awareness of and appreciation for traditional foods in their community. A Leech Lake-area artist captured this work on video during a celebratory family event in October.

For more examples of Farm to Head Start thriving around our state, check out IATP's case study video series highlighting work from our Head Start partners:

- Lower Sioux Tribal Community

- Tri-Valley Opportunity Council

- Community Action in St. Paul

IATP works locally and globally at the intersection of policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems. It envisions agriculture, trade, and food systems that are good for people, farmers and food system workers, eco-systems, and social justice globally. To grow these systems requires a long-term, sustained effort to build and mobilize public will, to invigorate and fortify political will, and to effectively democratize power relationships.

IATP has a 30-year history of pursuing cutting edge solutions that benefit family farmers, rural communities and the planet. Our work extends from advocating for more democratic and economically just trade agreements to advocacy for stronger public health protections in chemical policy, to spearheading Farm to Head Start programs. Connecting the dots has made IATP unique in that we match high-level research and analysis with on-the-ground engagement to bring policies to fruition. Our technical expertise and credibility within a variety of fields has enabled us to serve as a convener, collaborator, and trusted source for NGOs, policymakers, and public agencies around the world. The Institute was founded amidst the family farm crisis of the mid-1980s as family farmers across America were in the fight of their lives. Deeply flawed national and international policies were part of the root cause of the crisis.

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