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Warm Temps Enable Good Minnesota Crop Growth
Minnesota Ag Connection - 06/12/2018

Despite scattered thunderstorms and rainfall, Minnesota farmers were able to find 4.8 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending Sunday, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Warm temperatures allowed for good crop growth during the week while field activities included planting, spraying, and cutting hay.

Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 1 percent very short, 6 percent short, 73 percent adequate and 20 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated 0 percent very short, 7 percent short, 81 percent adequate and 12 percent surplus.

Ninety-eight percent of Minnesota's spring wheat crop had emerged, 5 days ahead of the five-year average. However, spring wheat jointed or beyond is five days behind the average, at 34 percent. Spring wheat condition declined slightly from last week, to a rating of 78 percent good to excellent. Oats were 95 percent emerged and 54 percent at or beyond the jointing stage. Oats were 4 percent headed or beyond, 11 days behind last year and 8 days behind average. Oats condition was rated at 79 percent good to excellent. Ninety-five percent of the barley crop was emerged with 36 percent at or beyond the jointing stage. Barley condition rated 83 percent good to excellent, down from the previous week.

Ninety-seven percent of the corn crop had emerged, 9 days ahead of average. Corn condition was rated 90 percent good to excellent. Soybeans planted was 98 percent complete and 87 percent emerged, with emergence 1 day ahead of last year and 6 days ahead of average. Soybean condition was rated 86 percent good to excellent.

The planting of dry edible beans was 92 percent complete and 80 percent emerged, with emergence 4 days ahead of last year and 6 days ahead of the average. The planting of sunflowers was 94 percent complete, 6 days behind last year but 8 days ahead of average. Potato planting was reported at 96 percent complete, 9 days behind last year and 4 days behind average.

The first cutting of alfalfa hay was 50 percent complete, 4 days behind last year but 3 days ahead of average. All hay condition rated 77 percent good to excellent. Pasture conditions were rated 75 percent good to excellent.

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