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Apply to Serve on Minnesota Food Innovation Team
Minnesota Ag Connection - 07/28/2020

The Food Innovation Team (FIT), a subcommittee of Minnesota's Food Safety and Defense Task Force is seeking membership applications for the upcoming two-year term (September 20, 2020 -- September 19, 2022).

The role of the Food Innovation Team is to learn from complex food licensing cases, untangle the issues, and use the information gathered to help food businesses obtain correct licensing in a timely manner. FIT will allow a food business to consult with regulatory, local food system, and food safety experts. FIT's goal is to help Minnesota accommodate new and innovative food business models, while maintaining our state's high standards for food safety.

In addition to helping individual food entrepreneurs, another goal of the FIT is to improve the functioning of the food regulatory system. As FIT hears cases and resolves issues that are complex or unclear, that information will be captured and available to the public. The knowledge gained in each case can then be applied to future, similar cases. Over time, regulators, food system advocates, and food entrepreneurs will strengthen their ability to deal with complex food licensing scenarios.

The FIT will hold six meetings per year and report its activities to the Food Safety & Defense Task Force. The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 15. Meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

The eight members of the team will be appointed by the Task Force co-chairs and will consist of the following categories:

- MDA staff (1)

- MDH staff (1)

- MDA Delegated Agency staff (1)

- MDH Delegated Agency staff (1)

- Local food maker community (1)

- Local food farming community (1)

- Local/regional food systems expert or college/university-based (1)

- Food safety expert, non-agency (1)

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the FIT please fill out the attached application and return it to me by Aug. 23. Current members who wish to be considered for re-appointment need to apply so that their name is in the applicant list.

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