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Clock is Ticking for Minnesota Dicamba Deadline
Minnesota Ag Connection - 06/08/2023

The window for using the herbicide dicamba on dicamba-tolerant soybeans is running out in Minnesota. Temperature and date-specific deadlines are coming up, with Interstate 94 marking the difference between a June 12 deadline and a June 30 end date. Temperature also plays a part in restrictions, with air temperature of 85° F serving as the limit for applications. Forecasts over 85° in nearby locations can also halt applications.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) said it received only 32 complaints of dicamba drift in the 2022 growing season, the first year with the current restrictions.

Engina by BASF, Tavium by Syngenta, and XtendiMax by Bayer are the only three formulations of dicamba allowed on soybeans. Applicators wishing to use these formulations must have all labels available and in their possession, according to state regulations in Minnesota.


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