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Much of Minnesota Moving Rapidly Toward Drought
Minnesota Ag Connection - 06/08/2023

We’re scanning the weather maps for rain again in the Huttner Weather Lab these days.

Minnesota is trending dry again. And if current and forecast trends continue, much of the state will likely move into drought conditions in the next few weeks.

Last week’s U.S. Drought Monitor update (above) shows abnormally dry conditions in Minnesota more than doubled from around 30 percent to 65 percent in just a week. A small corner in southwestern Minnesota is in moderate drought.

Below-average rainfall has favored areas of central Minnesota over the past 30 days. You can see on the 30-day precipitation department map below that southwestern Minnesota has been wet but much of central Minnesota has run drier than average.

Southwestern Minnesota has seen several inches of rain in the past month. But much of that came in one large rainfall event. Much of central Minnesota has received less than an inch of rain in the past 30 days.

Source: mprnews.org

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