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Labor Report Shows Farmhands are Being Paid $15.64/Hr.
Minnesota Ag Connection - 11/22/2019

Farm owners in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota employed 66,000 agricultural workers during the week of October 6-12. According to the USDA's latest farm labor report, the average number of hours worked per employee was 41, with the average wage rate for all hired agricultural workers at $15.64 per hour.

During the survey week, farmers in Wisconsin were very busy harvesting corn and soybeans, hauling manure, making hay and doing fall tillage. An employee is classified as a livestock worker if they tend livestock, milk cows, care for poultry, or operate machinery on livestock farms.

Livestock workers in the region earned an average of $14.58 per hour during the reference week. Field workers were paid about $15.57 per hour.

Nationally, the average number of hours worked for all hired workers was 42.5. Farm operators paid their hired workers an average wage of $15.02 per hour. Field workers earned an average of $14.38 per hour, while livestock workers averaged $13.77 per hour.

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