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Region's Wheat Planting, Emergence Catching Up
Minnesota Ag Connection - 06/23/2022

The North Dakota hard red spring wheat crop reached 97 percent planted as of Sunday, up from 91 percent the previous week. Although not 100 percent, it can be assumed that planting is essentially finished across the state as we are now into the last third of June.

Emergence of the North Dakota crop has reached 80 percent, still well behind the typical 97 percent for this date, but a notable jump was made from the previous week's level of 56 percent. The first real extreme heat of the season prevailed over the state during last weekend with some locations exceeding 100F, and most of the state reaching the mid 90F level. This was beneficial in accelerating the development of the later crop, and fortunately most areas had good soil moisture to sustain the crop, and the heat was not too prolonged.

Minnesota growers reported 93 percent emergence, up from 65 percent and near 100 percent average. South Dakota reported 98 percent emergence, near 100 percent average.

The condition rating on the emerged North Dakota crop had a slight improvement from the previous week with 71 percent rated good to excellent, up from 66 percent. None of the crop is rated poor to very poor due to adequate soil moisture in most of the state, and thunderstorm rains following the extreme heat. The crop is in much better condition compared to a year ago, even though it is two to three weeks later in development. A year ago, just 19 percent was rated good to excellent, and 50 percent was poor to very poor.

The crop condition in Minnesota was 1 percent poor, 35 percent fair, 57 percent good and 7 percent excellent. South Dakota growers reported 1 percent of the crop condition as very poor, 9 perent poor, 24 percent fair, 58 percent good and 8 percent excellent.

The North Dakota durum crop is 95 percent planted as of Sunday, up from 83 percent the previous week, and there are reports of some planting still taking place in far northern areas. Emergence of the crop has been more rapid than the springs planting pace, as temperatures have warmed and recent rains are keeping topsoil moist. As of Sunday, 75 percent of the crop was emerged, and 14 percent jointed, still well behind the normal pace of 94 percent and 50 percent, respectively. No condition rating is yet available on the crop, but most area report good initial growth.

The Montana durum crop is rated 83 percent good to excellent, and crop development there is more advanced compared to North Dakota due to the earlier planting progress. Ninety-seven percent of the crop is emerged with 10 percent already at the boot stage, equal to the five-year average.

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