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Exploring 2023 Minnesota corn and soybean varietal trials
Minnesota Ag Connection - 11/30/2023

In a recent episode of MN CropCast, hosts Dave Nicolai and Seth Naeve invite Tom Hoverstad, a researcher at the Southern Research and Outreach Center in Waseca, MN, to discuss the 2023 Corn Grain Field Crops Trial Results.

This program, part of the Minnesota Corn Evaluation Program conducted by the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, aims to provide corn growers with objective data to guide their hybrid selections.

The funding for these trials comes partly from entry fees provided by private seed companies, ensuring a diverse range of tested hybrids and varieties. Hoverstad reviews the 2023 growing season, focusing on corn yields and the selection criteria he has used over the years.

The episode features Seth Naeve, a University of Minnesota Extension soybean agronomist. Naeve provides an overview of the soybean performance tests conducted by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. These tests assess both public and private soybean entries, focusing on adaptability.

He also discusses the impact of variable rainfall on the 2023 soybean growing season and examines factors like soybean disease and cyst nematode resistance.

The varietal trials are comprehensive, evaluating multiple crops including barley, canola, corn grain, oat, soybean, spring wheat, winter rye, and winter wheat, across various Minnesota locations. These trials are invaluable for growers and agricultural professionals, offering insights into crop performance under different conditions.

Listeners can access the insights from this episode of MN CropCast to learn more about the latest findings in corn and soybean research. This episode is a resourceful guide for anyone involved in the agricultural sector, particularly those focused on crop cultivation and management.

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