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Bird flu concerns - US blocks Australian poultry imports

Bird flu concerns - US blocks Australian poultry imports

Victoria outbreak prompts restrictions on poultry products

By Jamie Martin

The US has imposed restrictions on poultry imports from Victoria, Australia. This decision follows the discovery of bird flu in domestic birds within the Victorian state.

The restrictions, effective since May 22nd, target unprocessed poultry products and live birds. This includes a ban on importing unprocessed avian products and byproducts originating from or transiting through Victoria.

Live poultry imports are also prohibited, including commercial chickens, other birds raised for meat, flightless birds like emus, and eggs intended for hatching. Pet and zoo birds can still be imported with a permit, but a mandatory 30-day quarantine applies.

Bird flu outbreaks have raised concerns, with millions of birds and some mammals infected in the US since 2022. While the risk to humans is considered low, the US is taking precautions to protect its poultry industry.

Australia has successfully contained past bird flu outbreaks, but the recent case in Victoria underscores the ongoing threat. These import restrictions aim to prevent the virus from entering the US and safeguard American poultry farms.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-branex

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