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Insights and innovations at world pork expo 2024

Insights and innovations at world pork expo 2024

By Jamie Martin

The recent World Pork Expo, organized by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), served as a premier event for the pork industry.

Held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, the Expo drew a diverse audience of approximately 12,000 attendees, representing various segments of the global pork industry.

A key aspect of the Expo was the NPPC policy panel, where experts addressed legislative, regulatory, and trade matters impacting the industry. Attendees gained insights into critical topics such as agricultural policy, labor issues, and international trade dynamics.

Distinguished guests, including government officials and industry leaders, provided valuable perspectives during exclusive luncheons and networking sessions.

Additionally, the Expo featured a speaking competition for young advocates, highlighting the importance of engaging the next generation in industry dialogue and advocacy efforts.

The Expo's significance extends beyond its role as a trade show, serving as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and progress in the pork industry.

By facilitating discussions, showcasing innovations, and fostering connections, the Expo contributes to the continued growth and sustainability of the global pork sector.

Photo Credit: national-pork-producers-council

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