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Ongoing Trade War Significant Impact on U.S. Potato Exports
By: Northern Plains Potato Growers Association - 11/07/2018

U.S. potato exports for August 2018, compared to August 2017, were down for all products. The ongoing trade wars and retaliatory tariffs had a significant impact on U.S. exports. Other factors are the strong U.S. dollar and the still low pricing of EU product based on last season's supplies. This should change as the EU begins to ship from the disastrous 2018 harvest.

FROZEN - The volume of frozen exports to the world were down 11%. This decline was driven by a 21% drop to Mexico where the U.S, now faces a 20% retaliatory tariff. Japan was also off 10%, which is significant given the volume going to this market. The bright spots were increases of 7% to Korea, 16% to Thailand and 87% to Vietnam.

DEHY - Dehy export volume was down 8% due to a 49% drop to Japan and a 61% decline to the Philippines. Mexico and Canada did offer bright spots, up 33% and 21% respectively.

FRESH - Fresh exports were down 6%, driven by a 10% decline to Canada, the largest market, and 21% and 23% declines to Taiwan and the Philippines, the two largest markets in Asia. Exports to Mexico at 10,259 metric tons were up 36% over 2017.

Note: China is the world's top potato producer, followed by India, Russia, and Ukraine. The United States is the fifth largest producer of potatoes in the world.

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