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Competitive Grants Available for Agricultural Education
Minnesota Ag Connection - 03/16/2017

The Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council (MAELC) is now accepting grant applications for the improvement of agricultural education across Minnesota. Funds will be awarded in two competitive grant areas Strategic Initiatives and Common Fund.

MAELC will be awarding over $290,000 between these two competitive grant programs over the next year. All grant applications must be completed online at before midnight on April 1. A second round of both Strategic Initiatives and Common Fund grants will be due Nov. 15. Please note the April deadline is slightly earlier as compared to previous years.

Strategic Initiative grants are designed to help promote agricultural, food and natural resource (AFNR) literacy initiatives across Minnesota in both formal and non-formal education settings along with assisting secondary, post-secondary, and farm business management programs with the improvement and expansion of agricultural education.

Common Fund grants are designed to encourage collaborative initiatives with an emphasis on agricultural education. New and innovative ideas are encouraged to support statewide revitalization of existing agricultural education programs and the creation of new agricultural, food, and environmental education programs at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.

"MAELC's grant programs provide educators and organizations the opportunity to try new and innovative projects in agricultural education, as well as support capacity building and professional development," said Sarah Dornink, executive director of MAELC. Since its establishment, MAELC has provided over $8.3 million in competitive grants, scholarships, sponsored projects and awards.

Grant applications can be obtained online at

Established in 1997 by the Minnesota Legislature, MAELC is comprised of seventeen educators, legislators, government officials, and agribusiness and community organization representatives. The Council represents all of the major institutions and groups in Minnesota with an interest in agricultural education and serves as a focal point for initiatives to improve agricultural education in the state.

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