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Minnesota AgriGrowth Stands with Free Trade
By: Tamara Nelsen, Minnesota AgriGrowth Council - 05/15/2019

AgriGrowth and our members are firm believers in free trade and open markets that allow us to sell our products in n the global market. Recent tariff increases on China will further limit Minnesota farmers' and food processors' access to this critical market. And, these tariffs could not have come at a worse time.

Famers, food processors and those businesses who support the agri-food industry know that tariffs always hit agriculture the hardest due to the dependence of our sector on global markets. On the heels of five years of low prices and record high inventories, the current ratcheting up of the existing trade war with China adds insult to injury. Too many farmers in our state are reaching the critical juncture of continued low prices, damaging winter weather, and a wet spring that has delayed the planting season.

This is not rhetoric, this is not hyperbole -- these are dire times for farmers and these latest tariffs are gut punch for an industry that is already down on one knee. The Trump administration and our trade negotiators need to recognize the heartbreak in the Heartland and address this and other critical trade agreements now, or there may not be another planting season for many Minnesota farmers.

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