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State Regulators Urge Federal Oversight on Hemp-Derived Products
Minnesota Ag Connection - 09/28/2023

A collective of state cannabis regulators from across the nation, known as the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA), is advocating for federal intervention in the hemp industry. The group, which includes Chris Tholkes, Minnesota’s director of medical marijuana and treasurer of CANNRA, has expressed concerns about the safety of hemp-derived THC and CBD products.

In a letter sent to Congress earlier this month, the group emphasized the necessity of establishing regulations for such products to prevent exploitation of any potential loopholes. "It will be essential to set regulations for hemp-derived cannabinoid products," the letter reads, stressing the importance of ensuring no additional loopholes are exploited.

Chris Tholkes, who is also the director of the Office of Medical Cannabis at the Minnesota Department of Health, was one of the signatories of the letter. The move by CANNRA is a significant step toward ensuring that hemp-derived products meet a minimum safety standard, protecting consumers from potential risks associated with these products.

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