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Minnesota Resolutions Adopted as American Farm Bureau Policy
Minnesota Ag Connection - 02/11/2019

Resolutions developed by Farm Bureau members from Minnesota were adopted as American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) policy at the AFBF voting delegate session held in New Orleans, La. These adoptions reiterate the impact and importance our members have on policy development.

"Farm Bureau members begin the policy development process at their county policy development meetings discussing and debating ideas to help direct our organization's policy," said Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) President Kevin Paap. "It then moves to our county and state annual meetings where it must pass through the voting delegate process."

"The grassroots policy development is the strength of our organization," said MFBF President Kevin Paap. "I encourage you to be involved in these local discussions because your voice does matter. It strengthens and helps our organization to create sound policy on issues that matter to our members."

Four of Minnesota's resolutions were passed as official AFBF policy. These resolutions include:

- Rice and Waseca counties submitted policy that resulted in AFBF policy to support balance sheet disclosure of contingent liabilities tied to customer loan guarantees of farmer member owned marketing and supply cooperatives was adopted.

- Fillmore and Houston counties submitted a resolution that became AFBF policy supporting increased funding to enhance programs and facilities for the treatment of substance abuse and mental health issues, directed at rural populations.

- Dodge, Freeborn and Waseca counties' resolution resulted in AFBF policy stating: We support limiting trade disruptions and resolving trade disputes through negotiations, not tariffs or withdrawals from other trade agreement discussions.

- Brown County submitted policy adding African Swine Fever to a priority list of diseases that need additional research for developing diagnostics and vaccines, understanding the biology of organisms and determining why diseases emerge.

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