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Alfalfa Scissor-Cut Harvest Alert: A Valuable Decision Tool for Growers
Minnesota Ag Connection - 05/25/2023

Tyler Rice, UMN Extension Educator for Stearns, Benton, and Morrison Counties, introduces the Alfalfa Scissor-Cut Harvest Alert, an invaluable resource for alfalfa growers. This project aims to assist growers in determining the optimal time to initiate the first crop harvest based on the desired crop quality aligned with animal nutrition goals, all while maximizing yield potential.

The Alfalfa Scissor-Cut Alert program does not provide a specific harvest date but serves as a reliable decision-making tool for busy alfalfa producers managing multiple crops during the farm's busiest seasons.

Collaboratively, extension educators, farmer-cooperators, and cooperating agribusinesses actively participate in collecting alfalfa scissor-cut samples from mid-May until the final harvest. Regular updates are provided to ensure growers have access to the latest information.

For a comprehensive overview of the scissor-cut progress, the attached report outlines: the individual farm results and Individual farms cumulated results as of May 22, 2023:

The individual farm results May 22, 2023


Individual farms cumulated results May 22, 2023


This data serves as a valuable reference for growers, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the collective results from various farms.

With the Alfalfa Scissor-Cut Harvest Alert, alfalfa growers can optimize their harvest timing, striking a balance between crop quality and yield potential. By utilizing this valuable tool, growers can enhance their overall productivity and efficiency in managing alfalfa crops.

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