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Minnesota Maple Syrup Production Down 1,000 Gallons
Minnesota Ag Connection - 06/13/2018

Minnesota's 2018 maple syrup production was 13,000 gallons, down 1,000 gallons from 2017. The number of taps decreased by 12,000 in 2018 to 65,000 taps.

Yield was 0.200 gallons per tap, above the 0.182 gallons per tap in 2017. In 2017, the average price Minnesota maple syrup producers received was $66.60 per gallon, up $0.90 from 2016.

The 2018 Minnesota maple syrup season began on March 1, 17 days later than last year. The season ended on May 1, compared with April 28 last year. This year's season averaged 32 days, 2 days longer than last year.

The 2018 United States maple syrup production totaled 4.16 million gallons, down 3 percent from the previous year. The number of taps is estimated at 13.7 million, up 3 percent from the 2017 total. Yield per tap is estimated to be 0.304 gallon, down 5 percent from the previous season.

The earliest sap flow reported was January 7 in Pennsylvania. The latest sap flow reported to open the season was March 1 in Minnesota. On average, the season lasted 42 days, compared with 37 days in 2017. The 2017 United States average price per gallon was $33.00, down $2.00 from 2016. Value of production, at $141 million for 2017, was down 4 percent from the previous season.

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